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Defense requests new judge in child assault case
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MONROE - Public defender Suzanne Edwards is seeking a new judge in the case of her client, Micki Frederick Nafzger, 22, Monroe, who was charged in late September with three Class B felony counts of sexual assault of a child.

Nafzger appeared in Green County Circuit Court Wednesday for his preliminary hearing. One of the three alleged victims testified while being asked questions by Green County Assistant District Jeffrey Kohl.

The charges stem from incidents which occurred in July of 2007 and June of 2008.

A victim of the 2007 sexual assault said Nafzger sexually assaulted her and another girl. She said she and the other girl were sharing a bedroom when Nafzger entered the room and locked the door behind him before proceeding to remove his clothes. Nafzger then told the girls they were going to play a game that he had played before. He then assaulted the girl before doing the same to the other girl. Both girls were under 12. Nafzger was 13 at the time.

The girl said Nafzger dressed himself in the closet and she was fairly certain Nafzger told both victims that if they mentioned the alleged attack to anyone, "bad things" would happen.

Edwards asked if the victims had tried to call for help or run for support from an adult. The girl said they locked themselves in the room and cried.

After the testimony, Kohl said his office found sufficient evidence to move forward with the charges while Edwards concluded that it was not plausible two children were assaulted side-by-side and that the story was most likely concocted after hearing stories from programs at school to identify this type of incident.

Edwards requested a substitute for Judge James Beer, who will be appointed at a later date. A pre-trial conference between Nafzger and the DA's office has been scheduled for Jan. 24.

The maximum possible sentence for the charges is 120 years in prison.