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Darlington's Main Street effort gains some teeth
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DARLINGTON - Darlington, like many Wisconsin communities, is working to revitalize its Main Street.

The new Darlington Regional Dental Clinic opened Monday on Main Street with a dental clinic for six practitioners. The clinic is topped with 17 condos, the Darlington Main Street Heights, specifically designed for residents age 55 and older.

"One of the nice things, half of the condos face out onto Darlington's historic downtown, where the residents will be able to watch the local parades pass by," said Beverly Anderson, president of the Darlington Development Corporation.

The three-story Darlington Heights building was designed with a Victorian motif to fit with Darlington's Main Street, which is on the National Registry of historic buildings.

"We've had couples moving back to Darlington, people who have been out in the world and have learned a thing or two. They are really good for the community and do a lot of volunteer work," Anderson said.

"There are apartments and duplexes, but no condos for them," she added.

The building has a roof terrace where residents can cook out and a hospitality room with a full kitchen. Each resident gets a parking space in the garage and a storage unit. The Heights has two-bedroom with two-bathroom units and one-bedroom units.

Owners of the new complex also boast the building is located near several amenities including, parks, a walking trail, the post office, and restaurants, - and of course the Darlington Regional Dental Clinic.

One dentist already has moved into the clinic, and another dentist set to start in June, Anderson said.

The Darlington Regional Dental Clinic will be serving clients who have BadgerCare, take medical assistance or are uninsured, and will be using a sliding fee.

The clinic will have a major focus on children, but focuses primarily on clients with imminent and significant dental issues, such as obvious tooth decay, pain and oral cavities,

To accomplish the multi-purpose project, Darlington created a Tax Increment District, along with the Darlington Endowment, grants, human and family services, Southwestern Wisconsin Community Action Program and other funding.

The clinic hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed 1-2 p.m., Monday to Friday.