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Darlington to crack down on semi braking
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DARLINGTON - The Darlington Police Department announced Tuesday its intention to enforce a noise prohibition ordinance in response to complaints of semi trucks loudly braking within city limits.

The Department continually receives complaints from residents regarding semi trucks using compression brake systems within the city, according to a Darlington Police news release.

When activated, these brake systems, also known as "jake brakes," emit a loud noise that can be a significant disturbance in populated areas.

Although Darlington, like many communities throughout the country, prohibits compression braking from being used within the city limits, many truck drivers are undeterred from using them.

In response, the Police Department plans to improve the visibility of signage at the city limits prohibiting the use of compression brakes and to enforce the city's noise prohibition ordinance with $175 fines.

"We understand the perceived value of using engine compression brakes to extend the life of service brakes," said Darlington Police Chief Jason King in a statement. "But there's a time and place for their use, and entering a populated area is not one of those places."