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Darlington moves forward exploring two projects

DARLINGTON — Three projects were all discussed at the City of Darlington meeting Feb. 13.

Items discussed included:

●  Approved going forward with planning to building municipal well #4. Delta 3 will be performing a well site investigation, with the first step being an engineering report. A cost for engineering work is $12,000-$15,000.

●  Coming back from a closed session, the City approved buying 20 acres from Angela Wescott in the amount of $350,000. The land is near the Union Grove Cemetery. The purposed use for the land is to develop affordable housing. A concept plan, which would have an estimate opinion of probable cost would be developed by Delta 3. Which will cost $3,000-$5,000.

●  Approved selling 105 water quality credits to the Village of South Wayne in the amount of $84,000. The City of Darlington has 435 credits every year, and they don’t carryover. The city used 200 credits last year. The credits are used to bring the phosphorus numbers down, as per DNR regulations. Alder Dave Roelli voted no to the motion.

In other business:

●  Acknowledged that there have been candidates interviewed for the Darlington Police Chief position.

●  Approved Ordinance 2024-02 that adopts a fee schedule in the city related to snow and ice removal.

●  Approved purchasing a filter for the swimming pool in the amount of $59,640 from In-Depth Services of Wisconsin Dells. The funds will need to be borrowed. It was stated the job would be completed in April 2024.

●  Approved 2024 Park and Rec program fees.

●  Approved Park and Rec summer employment wages, which includes a 3% increase.