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Darlington man pleads not guilty in attempted homicide
DARLINGTON - Gregory R. Frechette, accused of strangling a woman until she lost consciousness and was revived, waived his right to a preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty to charges of intentional homicide on Tuesday in Lafayette County Circuit Court.

Frechette, 35, Darlington, is charged with a Class A felony count of first-degree intentional homicide and one Class H felony count of strangulation. Frechette will have a status conference in January.

Frechette's attorney Frank Medina made a motion to substitute for a different judge other than Judge William Johnston and was granted his motion.

Court records allege that on Aug. 16, Frechette attempted to kill his girlfriend by at first choking her and then trying to smother her with a body pillow while they were camping at Blackhawk Memorial Park. Frechette and the victim had allegedly been drinking the night of the incident and got into an argument. The argument escalated until Frechette allegedly strangled the victim, causing her to lose consciousness. He then shook the victim awake and asked if she wanted to go to the hospital. He called an ambulance and she was taken to a hospital.

Frechette was bound over for trial and will remain in custody at the Lafayette County Jail.