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Criminal Court: May 26, 2009
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Green County• Roger M. Blum, 40, Monroe, disorderly conduct, $312• Gottlieb S. Brandli III, 17, Monroe, theft, $501• Jessica M. Dunican, 27, Monroe, possession of drug paraphernalia, $186• Kaitlin E. Faessler, 17, Monroe, contributing to truancy, $249• Laci R. Frauchiger, 18, Monroe, underage drinking, $249• Jeremiah R. Fuchs, 20, Monroe, possession of marijuana, $375• Tabitha J. Hastings, 27, Argyle, disorderly conduct, $375• Gonzalez L. Herrera, 23, Monroe, theft, $375• Steven A. Walters, 38, Monroe, battery, $249