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Committee takes caution with post
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MONROE - The city is taking a cautious approach to hiring its new wastewater treatment plant superintendent, extending its search into January.

Jerry Ellefson, plant superintendent, will retire Dec. 27, after 40 years with the department.

"We have to have the right person," Salary and Personnel Committee Chairman Mark Coplien said.

So far only one applicant has met the qualifications for the position.

The committee approved advertising for the job two weeks ago, and Coplien said the advertisement will be placed in another trade publication in January.

The committee agreed to hire an outside consultant firm during the transitional period, but has not yet chosen a firm or detailed how much it would cost the city. The firm will have the capability of signing paperwork from the Department of Natural Resources and other documents necessary to keep the plant operational.

Committee members recommended to the Common Council to switch the management of the treatment plant.

The plant will now be under the oversight of Kelly Finkenbiner, public works director, along with other utility and public works departments.

The treatment plant had been under the office of the city administrator, but the position has not been occupied since May 2008.