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City of Monroe Board of Public Works: Nov. 16, 2009
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MONROE - At a meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Board of Public Works: • Approved a permit application and agreement for a sign to overhang public right of way at Patterson orthodontics business.• Reviewed and partially approved a permit application to install monitoring wells. The board approved a monitoring well on 9th Street, but asked for more information before it would move to approve another well at 10th Street and 17th Avenue, in the location of the new streetscape. • Approved for payment of bills in the amounts of $2,198.25, $2,382.75 and $3,876.25 from Fehr-Graham and Associates for sewer and water grant; $1,075.25, $1,609.50, $3,790.25, $12,124 and $1,180.75 from Fehr-Graham for sewer and water DNR permit and street construction; $895 from Fehr-Graham for sanitary sewer and water final record drawings; $5,585.50 from Fehr-Graham for sanitary sewer construction observation near public library; $2,084 from Fehr-Graham for utility inspection, reimbursable from Walmart ; and $20,650 from Single Source for 8th/9th Street project property acquisition.