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City grants additional parking to EMTs
MONROE - The new Green County EMS building in downtown Monroe should have two extra parking spots after the Monroe Public Safety Committee approved the request submitted by Police Chief Fred Kelley.

The new building will have a parking lot to the west of the facility between the new construction and the Wisconsin Cheese Group building along 12th Street. But it also will take up spots on the street, leaving no public parking along the southern side of the 1800 block. EMTs already have permit-only parking stalls along the south side of the street but wanted to secure two more to accommodate a busy situation. For example, if emergency workers required three crews to respond to calls at once they would need more space for emergency vehicles at their facility.

"It's a necessity," Kelley said.

He added that though the need for that number of crews is not a regular occurrence, it is better to be prepared for times of emergency.

Kelley said Green County EMS Chief Daniel Nufer was concerned about busy shifts and the possibility that the building's parking lot would not be able to hold three EMS crews if the need were to arise.

There were also already three spots out of the five along the south side of the street dedicated to EMT permit parking only. Kelley said he did not foresee a problem with the new arrangement. He noted space and parking had been worse for the EMTs, which was a factor in the construction of the new building.