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Cheese auction at fair nets $42,000
Green County Dairy Princess Natalie Gefke holds up a block of cheese during the cheese auction at the Green County Fair on Sunday. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
MONROE - The 2015 Green County Fair Cheese Auction on Sunday brought in $42,337 for 70 pieces of cheese, a total of 406 pounds, the Foreign Type Cheesemaker's Association announced.

The Grand Champion Dill Havarti made by Steve Stettler of Decatur Dairy, Inc. sold for $800 per pound to Pancho and Lefty's of Monroe.

The cheese that was not sold at the auction was donated to the Green County Dairy Queens to be given out for promotional events and the remaining 600 pounds of cheese was given to the food pantry for distribution in the community.

Dave and Rena Koning and Joe Mellem conducted the auction.

2015 Green County Fair Auction proceeds were: A&H Incorporated, $720; Badger State Propane, $1,367; Colony Brands, Inc., $1,835; Coplien Painting Inc., $715; Dairy Directions, $1,000; Dairyland Food Group, $131.25; Deli Source, $187.50; Earl Burger, $250; Faith Engineering Inc., $1,305; Faith, Robert and Nancy, $452.50; Hasse Surveying, $325; International Ingredients Corp., $537.50; Jelle Repair, $420; KK Tire Service, LLC, $337.50; Mahlkuch Electric, $780; Maple Leaf Cheese Store, $360; New Glarus FFA Alumni, $168.75; Oasis Game Farm/WLC Concrete, $270; Pancho and Lefty's Outlaw Grill, $8,000; Pleasant Grain Services LLC, $765; Precision Drive and Control, $2,297.50; Quest Industrial LLC, $4,922.50; R. Mueller and Equipment, $2,602.50; Reffue, Pas, Jacobson and Koster, LLP, $625; Regez Cheese Supply, $2,567.50; Ruchti Stainless Inc., $2,597.50; Southern Wisconsin Coop, $488.75; Sugar River Bank, $2,237.50; Tri County Dairy, $493.75; Washington Implement, $1,591.25; Wisconsin Bank and Trust, $1,221.25; and Woodford State Bank, $765.