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Celebrating Our Past: Monticello Historical Society
The description written on the photo reads: Avery 40-80 tractors sold to H. C. Klassy and Otto Loveland by Daniel Wichser, Monticello in February 1919. Tractors had just been unloaded from freight cars at the train depot and brought to the Wichser dealership building at Main Street and East Highland Avenue. Otto Loveland is in front tractor cab with Dan Hefty standing by drive wheel. Henry C. Klassy is in rear tractor cab along with Dan Wichser. Mr. Haberman, a salesman for the Avery Company, is by the rear wheel. This Avery was used by the Klassy threshing crew. Between the tractors are Clarence Loveland and John Zumkehr with Bill Schultz and Walter Wittenwyler in the Wichser building doorway. (Photo supplied by Monticello Historical Society)