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Candidate Profile: Teresa (Tere) Dunlap

Village of Monticello

In the Village of Monticello, Tere Dunlap is running unopposed for president. She is also running for one of three open trustee seats, along with fellow incumbent Rene Nicholson and newcomer Daniel Pederson.

Position sought: Monticello Village Board President

Age: NA

City/town of residence: Village of Monticello

Family: Married, 2 adult children, 2 grandchildren

Education: Masters

Occupation: Writer and farm owner; retired news reporter

Previous elected positions held: 4 years Village Trustee

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

I find our citizens, trustees and staff are insisting on changes in the methodology of our village governance. We're pushing for increased efficiency, effectiveness, frugality, and awareness. So, improving communication avenues, technological and face-to-face, for the public, the board, and the staff will be one of my focal points. For education, training, and guidance, we will be using the abundance of free and inexpensive, professional services and information available to municipalities. Board members want to, and should, come out of their committee boxes to work creatively as a whole to improve village-wide issues, particularly the budget. Everyone needs more knowledge and understanding of Wisconsin state statues and of our Monticello Village ordinances and policies. So, if I'm President, the next Board of Trustees can expect a lot of reading ahead of them, not just to protect the village and themselves, but also to empower our citizens.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Improving Broadband capability and updating the Wastewater Treatment Plant are probably our two most important tactical approaches toward improving major physical assets and economic development in the village. Those efforts have already begun; now we just have to stay attentive to the plans laid out for them.

Board members are looking for a better overview of Village needs, so they can plan accordingly and navigate requests responsibly. One way we can develop that is to draft 5-year plans, particularly for capital expenses. We also need a rolling plan for projects, which takes into consideration and prioritizes items from our 2015-16 Comprehensive Plan. Also, every village department needs on file documentation detailing what its future needs are expected to be, updated annually and readily available to the Trustees. I'm all about planning: "An unexamined life is not worth living," but "an unplanned life is not worth examining."