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Candidate Profile: Reid Stangel
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Monroe City Council

Brooke Bauman, the incumbent, is the only candidate for Ward 2 of the Monroe City Council. Jeff Newcomer, incumbent, is the only candidate for Ward 4. Chris Beer, incumbent, is the only candidate for Ward 6. Reid Stangel, incumbent, is being challenged by Dustan Beutel for Ward 8.

Position sought: 8th Ward Alderman

Age: 64

Residence: City of Monroe

Family: Married to wife Cheryl for 41 years. We have three grown sons: Brad (wife Jamie) daughter Addison, Bryan (wife Nickie) son Casey; and Brett.

Education: Bachelor of Science from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Occupation: Retired. Worked 34 Years with the YMCA. Was the Executive Director of The Green County YMCA for 23 years.

Previous elected position held: I am the two-term incumbent as the 8th ward alderman. I am seeking my third term.

What are the top issues facing this municipality and how would you work to solve them:

I would like to focus on three issues: funding capital needs, economic development and tax rates. First, funding capital needs is crucial and the current administration and council has developed a comprehensive 5-year plan addressing city needs and a plan to fund the capital projects. I strongly support the planning and will pursue the necessary discussion to maintain the funding schedule. The second issues are economic development. It is important to work for well planned growth, but equally important to support existing business and industry to maintain Monroe's very diverse economic base. I plan to continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce, GCDC and all necessary parties to achieve planned growth and a stable economic base. Lastly, as a member of the City Council and a homeowner, balancing funding needs and an acceptable tax rate is difficult balancing act. As one member of a council of nine, I plan to work with all to fund needs and keep taxes in check.

What are other key issues facing the municipality, and how would you solve them?

I would like to focus on three issues facing Monroe. First is the parking/ramp issue. The ramp is a prime example of an unfunded capital structure in the city. By not funding repair and upkeep of the facility, the city is now faced with a very expensive replacement. The issue is a matrix of funding, and the best fit for the parking demand. Plus when you add in the economic development issue, the solution is complex. The resolution is to continue to work with the downtown business people, examine funding sources, and plan for a solution that is affordable and practical. To do this, I will have to work with all parties of interest. Second issue is the completion of the WWTP. There are a number of costly change orders. The reasons related to the change orders are in dispute with the design company. This is going to be resolved by council's involvement with an independent engineers and legal action. Lastly, the reconstruction of 8th Street west to the new Colony Brands building is very necessary and expensive. Resolving this issue involves the engineering design, funding and the process of actual construction that is least invasive to the businesses on that street.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I believe that I am the best candidate for the office of 8th ward alderman for a myriad of reasons. I have lived and worked in Monroe since 1986. I worked as the executive director of the Green County Family YMCA for 23 years. During those 23 years as YMCA director I have interacted with hundreds of local residence and business leaders. I have developed budgets, raised funds, directed construction projects, worked in committee structures, dealt with human resource issues, worked with audits and auditors, I learned the value of saving and borrowed money, worked with safety issues, and IT issues. These types of "life-learning" experiences have prepared me well for this position. During the last four years as serving the 8th ward, I have served on the Board of Public Works as chair, Finance and Taxation Committee as chair, been a member of the Public Safety committee, Salary and Personal committee, the IT committee and the Board of Review. I have been a member of the Senior Citizens Board, the Board of Park and Rec. Commissioners and the Green County Transfer Station Board. I am currently a member of the Monroe Kiwanis Club (two-time president), and St. Clare of Assisi Parish. I have worked with the United Way, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and the Monroe Athletic Booster Club.