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Candidate Profile: Louis Armstrong
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Monroe Mayor

There are two candidates for Monroe mayor. Louis Armstrong is challenging incumbent Bill Ross.

Position sought: Mayor

Age: 51

City/town of residence: Monroe, WI

Family: My wife Josephine and our 10 year old son, Louis II

Education: Monroe High School - 1983 Senior Class President; Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point

Occupation: Production Manager - Minhas Craft Brewery

Previous elected positions held: Currently serving 2nd term as Alderman for Ward 7, Monroe, WI.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Historical responses to this question include our budget and fiscal responsibility; annually the Finance and Taxation Committee (F and T) is tasked with establishing Monroe's tax rates and budget for public review. Once allocated, how do we ensure the funds being properly utilized?

One of the top issues currently facing our City is the future of the Parking Ramp. One factor for this structures deterioration and potential multi-million dollar solution is the historic annual neglect through unused maintenance funds. Regularly, ~$50,000 was budgeted for upkeep only to go unused and reallocated at year's end.

I would like to see the City of Monroe improve upon monitoring the financial decisions set by the F&T and will investigate creating a Budget Oversight Committee to provide assurances our citizens money is being spent where it was delegated.

Other topics for inclusion of this committee include monitoring funds from the recent sewer rate increase that are intended to be set aside to grow the capital improvement fund; or confirming progress and completion of scheduled street repairs. Annual personnel reviews are conducted too late to ensure proper use of these funds and a quarterly Budget Oversight Committee could provide the proper tool.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Economic Development. This is more than just reviewing economic growth and providing job counts through simple analytical reviews. Economic Development should be evaluated on how we improve the health of our entire community. Job growth, job retention, housing, infrastructure, and recreation are all factors that should be considered for evaluating the Economic Development of a community. The City of Monroe's Comprehensive Plan is nearing adoption by the City Council. As a member of the City Council, we will be asked for, and in all likelihood, give our blessing for approval. Upon adoption, though, what will we do with this plan? The danger is that it will sit idle like past plans. I hope and intend to foster the opportunity for us to utilize this comprehensive plan as a catalyst for Monroe's future and continued growth.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

Current mindset appears comfortable looking back at how we arrived and accepting of where we are today. I look to build upon my two terms on City Council and bring a fresh outlook and approach to move our City forward. Please consider your vote for Louis Armstrong as Mayor on April 5th.