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Candidate Profile: Jason Figi
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Black Hawk School Board

The Black Hawk school board has three open seats in the upcoming election. Alicia Sigafus and incumbents Jason Figi and Kerry Holland are running.

Position sought: Black Hawk School Board

City/town of residence: Browntown

Family: Wife-Linda; Kids-Nathan, Andrew, Emily, Bradley

Education: Black Hawk High School Graduate, UW Madison Short Course

Occupation: Production Shift Leader Placon - Fitchburg 13 years

Previous elected positions held: School Board since 2003 board clerk since 2006

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

The biggest issue is finding for the District I feel that we are able to secure more funding through the state with better structure of the District. The Board needs to look at ways to restructure to be able to take advantage of the money that is available to the District. Our District has not had a Special Education Director that leads the program like it should. The Board needs to find how we could restructure to obtain that position. With having a Special Education Director that is licensed in that area we could secure more funding for the District. We have too much of leaders saying it falls under my license but that is not doing any good for the students. I feel that we are small enough that we may need to look at sharing an Administrator with another District or look at using one part-time.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

One of the things that our District needs to look at is rebranding to be able to keep the students that are open enrolling out. With the loss of Students to other Districts that also affects the bottom dollar for funding. When Students open enroll out it creates less funding for our District. The Administration needs to work better with the Staff and bring recommendations to the Board of what the Staff wants. The last few years it has seemed like we have gone downhill and we as a Board need to build back up to what we were six years ago or so.