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Candidate Profile: James Larson

Argyle Village President

James Larson is unopposed for Argyle president.

Position sought: Argyle Village Board - President

Age: 53

City/town of residence: Argyle, WI

Family: Emily, Marty and Elliot

Education: Graduate (Pecatonica H.S. - Blanchardville, WI)

Occupation: General Manager/RBS Activewear (Argyle, WI)

Previous elected positions held: Argyle Village Board - Trustee (2012 - Present)

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Government cutbacks - Municipalities constantly face many tough decisions on determining how to operate as efficiently as possible while trying to stay within the budget, as most operating costs continue to rise. With more cuts likely to happen in the future - it is more critical than ever to make decisions based on which options/choices will be most beneficial to the community, without trying to put additional tax burdens on the residents. These decisions are based upon the facts and information regarding each area of concern, whether being an issue of the past or present, or of a new interest to help the future wellbeing of our community.

Check out all possibilities available which would help the Community to grow and expand not only economically, but to grow in size with new business and residents/housing.

Continue finding ways to provide quality services to the residents, without having to raise taxes to cover the services provided.

Continue improving yearly infrastructure as efficiently and cost effective as possible, by using our local resources whenever possible.

State/DNR - Wastewater regulation changes. Wisconsin Wastewater Treatment facilities are faced with new "Phosphorus level" changes to be met in the near future. Argyle like most other small Communities, cannot afford a new facility which may be necessary to meet these new requirements (due to the huge expense/tax burden). As an alternative, we are continuing research and testing for other options/possibilities that may help us meet the new regulations at a much less cost.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Continue to keep our local School facility open as the economy tightens all around, by helping make sensible decisions within our community.

Research in finding ways to help promote recreation in our beautiful community and surrounding area (Argyle Legion Park, Pecatonica River, Fishing, Boating, Canoeing, Camping, Hiking, ATV/Snowmobile trails, Bicycling, Scenic Views, etc.)

Tiff District - to help draw new businesses to our area and community, or to help maintain/update existing businesses within the community.