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Candidate Profile: Doris Bechtolt
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Town of Jordan

Running for Town of Jordan chair is Lauren Meinert; first supervisor, Jeffrey Falk; second supervisor, Pat Miller; clerk, Billie Reynolds; and treasurer, Doris Bechtolt. All are incumbents.

Position sought: Treasurer

Age: 79

City/town of residence: Monroe, Jordan Township

Family: 8 adult children 19 Grandchildre and 20 Great grandxhildren with one due before election

Education: Graduated Albany High School in 1955

Occupation: Employed by Colony Brands for 33 years and treasurer of Jordan Township for 38 years.

Previous elected positions held: Secretary Treasurer of Green County Unit of Wisconsin Town's Association for 25 years

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

We really don't have many issues other than money to fix our roads our town residents are one of the few that do not find much to complain about.