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Candidate Profile: David J. Breunig
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Darlington Mayor

There are two candidates for Darlington mayor. Incumbent David Breunig is being challenged by Larry Burns for the seat.

Position sought: Mayor, City of Darlington

Age: 66

City/town of residence: Darlington

Family: Widow, two Daughters, one Son, four Grandchildren

Education: 1971 Graduate of WI State University at Platteville, bachehor degree in Ag Economics.

Occupation: Lands' End, Dodgeville, WI. Online Customer Sales.

Previous elected positions held: 1999-now, WI Conservation Congress delegate for Lafayette County. 2002-now, Mayor, City of Darlington. 2001-2002: Darlington City Alderman.

What are top issues?

Residents and taxpayers of the City of Darlington are always concerned about tax rates and water & sewer rates. We have been doing an excellent job of keeping these rates in line and still maintaining growth in the City. The last several years have seen an excellent growth in the City Business Park with the addition of the Hotel and WI Whey, but we still need more growth. Within the next 5 years, our Municipal Sewer Plant will need to be upgraded to meet the new Phosphorus regulations. This will cost in the area of $5 million.

What are other key issues:

Currently, there is an empty building on Main Street. The City Municipal Building is losing there renter as Lafayette County is moving Social Services to a different building on the south end of the City. Working together the Main Street building owner, Darlington Chamber of Commerce/Main Street Program and the Lafayette County Development Corporation, and the citizens of Darlington, we need to fill these vacancies.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

Being a Mayor is being able to work and communicate with private and public sector. During my term, this has been accomplished and the City has moved forward. Darlington is a wonderful City to live in, has an excellent school system and a great business climate. Working together, this great City will continue to survive and prosper.