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Candidate Profile: Bud R Strunz
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Town of Cadiz

In the Town of Cadiz, Bud Strunz is challenging incumbent Kenneth Goodman for chairman. Tom Knautz and Matthew Beckman are running for Supervisor 1. Lance Fredricks is challenging incumbent Scott Grossen for Supervisor 2. Incumbent Karen Signer is unopposed for clerk.

Position sought: Chairman

Age: 54

City/town of residence: Town of Cadiz

Family: Wife, Paige and son, Caden

Education: Graduated from Parkview High School, Orfordville, WI, Class of 1980

Occupation: Patrol Superintendent at Green County Highway Department, previously employed as a State Patrolman/laborer for almost 17 years with the Green County Highway Department

Previous elected positions held: 1st Supervisor of Cadiz Township in the past and current Term

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Rising cost of road construction

Lower State funding for Townships

I would like to see the Town of Cadiz work with other municipalities/entities to control spending and ensure citizens tax dollars are put to good use by omitting frivolous spending. I would like to see municipalities work together using equipment between them to save the taxpayers cost of owning expensive equipment which is used now for only one township. By sharing the cost of equipment/labor with other municipalities this would cut equipment/labor costs substantially for all municipalities involved saving the taxpayers money.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Control board meetings ensuring they are ran with professionalism and structure by following Roberts Rule of Order while continuing to listen to all voices of the Town of Cadiz Citizens. involving and taking into consideration input from all citizens of the Town of Cadiz, acknowledging that they are being heard equally.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I have been involved with the township, understanding both aspects of what it takes to fix the roads and dealing with the cost involved, while using the most efficient means to do so. Looking out for our current and future Town of Cadiz Residents to ensure their tax dollars are used effectively.