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Candidate Profile: Bob Hermanson
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Position sought: Darlington School Board

Age: 52

City/town of residence: Darlington

Family: Three Children: Corey Hermanson 28; Chayse Hermanson 25; Cashton Hermanson 21

Education: High School

Occupation: Herdsman and feeder for Redrock view farms (Steve and Lisa carpenters)

Previous elected positions held: Darlington School Board, 2005 to 2013, and 2015 to current; Cesa 3 Board of control, 2008 to 2013, and 2015 to Current; Currently Vice President of CESA 3 Board of control; Policy and resolution committee for the WASB 2015 to current; Fayette Township Supervisor, 2003 to 2015; Fayette Township Chairman, 2015 to Current; Darlington Community Fire District Board Member; Rural Medical Ambulance Board - Board Member

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Budget - Budget will always be one of the top concerns for school districts. State and federal dollars are always changing year to year. Find new revenue sources thru grants and reaching out to the public to help fund certain projects. Make cuts when possible but while protecting what's in the best interest of the kids, staff and the taxpayers.

Maintaining a strong fund balance - A strong fund balance allows the district not to have to short term borrow. It gives the school district the flexibility to do certain projects during the year that helps improve the district while maintaining money for operations.

Teacher shortages - Schools are facing a real problem with shortages of teachers in certain areas of the school. We need to work closely with Cesa 3, other school districts and with DPI to help fill those needs. We need to get creative as a school district to help fill those needs.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Technology - Technology is changing at a pace that makes it very hard for schools to keep up. The world today is much smaller place than just 5 years ago and if we are to keep up we as a school need to make an investment in new technology and help support are staff thru staff development to implement the new technology. We started as a school district a few years ago implementing 1:1 for the students. We need to continue that investment thru setting dollars a side in the budget while looking for grants that are available to help support technology in the schools.

School safety - With the recent events in the last few months and the last few years it more important than ever that we as a school look for ways to improve the safety in are schools. It is are reasonability to provide a safe school were students, staff and the community can come to and feel safe. We can accomplish this thru training too are students and staff how to protect themselves when there is a treat to them or others. Looking for ways too always too improve the building and school grounds for safety.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I enjoy my role as a school board member in help shaping the future of the students in the Darlington School District. My experience as a board member on the various boards I serve on. I feel I am a good listener who is able to listen and able to make good decisions for the students, staff and the tax payer. I will be committed to my role as a board member by attending all meetings and WASB sponsored events that will help me become a better School Board member.