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Candidate Profile: Anthony Edge

New Glarus

There are four people running for three open trustee positions for the Village of New Glarus: incumbents Barbara Anderson and Peggy Kruse and newcomers Anthony Edge and Michael Ganshert. Incumbent Roger Truttmann is running for village president.

Position sought: Village Board Trustee

Age: 33

City/town of residence: Village of New Glarus

Family: Single, but blessed with amazing parents, grandparents, siblings and many other family members

Education: Iowa-Grant High School, bachelor's degree from UW-Madison, master's degree from Viterbo University

Occupation: Teacher

Previous elected positions held: I have not been on the village board or held elected public office before. I am currently serving on the village's Community Development Authority.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Like many small communities in Wisconsin, cuts to shared revenue and local levy limits have no doubt made balancing budgets difficult for New Glarus. I think this is a major issue. In order to maintain or improve services and local infrastructure, New Glarus will need to experience some growth. I think smart, well-planned and sustainable growth can help lessen the property tax burden and provide revenue for maintaining the services the village residents expect and deserve. Planning for this type of growth requires local business owners, residents, neighboring townships and experts to work together. I think the work has begun to make this happen and I would look forward to helping continue the process.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Other key issues facing New Glarus, beyond taxes, services and infrastructure, I think are the possibility of a new library and village green space/parks. I honestly do not have a set agenda or established positions on those issues, but hope to serve as a new set of eyes and ears to help move the conversations forward. For these issues, I again think that bringing together all the stakeholders will help resolve them in the best way possible.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

New Glarus is fortunate to have four candidates running for three village board trustee positions. I am running for the village board because I have an interest in public service. Since I started teaching in New Glarus 10 years ago, I've been impressed with the community's commitment to volunteering, not only to celebrate Swiss heritage, but also advance the quality of life for residents and visitors. I've had the opportunity to serve New Glarus on the Community Development Authority, the New Glarus Community Foundation board and in other volunteer positions. I think being on the village board would provide another opportunity to serve the public and help maintain and improve on some of the things that make New Glarus great.