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Burglaries appear to be linked
BLANCHARDVILLE - Blanchardville police are investigating three burglaries from homes that appear to be linked, but no suspects have been named.

Officer in charge Steve Allbaugh said there have been five burglaries in the past few weeks, but two appear to be unrelated. The three incidents in question are similar in that there was no forced entry and cash was taken. Allbaugh said one residence had a small safe containing a significant amount of cash stolen, the second residence had a "good amount" of cash stolen, and the third residence had about $100 taken. Allbaugh said two of the homes had hidden keys that were known to a number of people and were likely used to gain entry.

"All indication is that somebody knew where that hidden key was, which makes us pretty sure it's a local," Allbaugh said.

The third residence was routinely left unlocked. Allbaugh said there are no suspects yet, but an investigation continues. He encouraged residents to keep knowledge of hidden keys strictly to family or trusted confidants.

"Anybody who knew about the hidden key could have told someone else, who could have told someone else," Allbaugh said.

He said citizens should always keep their homes locked when they are away.