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Brodhead man gets year in jail for fourth OWI
MONROE - A Brodhead man was charged and convicted Tuesday of fourth-offense driving while intoxicated after an incident in March of 2016.

Steven Robert Rowley, 51, appeared in court Tuesday on a charge of third-offense driving while intoxicated, a Class H felony charge.

That charge arose from an incident on March 22, when police, investigating a theft in the Town of Spring Grove, encountered Rowley driving on Mohns Clark Road while apparently inebriated.

Rowley, who was found with an open bottle of whiskey in his vehicle, gave a blood alcohol result of .111 in a preliminary breath test.

Rowley was charged in April of 2016 for a drunk-driving offense that occurred on March 4 of that year. Rowley appeared in court on that charge on Tuesday as well.

Rowley pleaded no contest to his fourth-offense charge and was sentenced to one year in jail and had his license revoked for 30 months. He was also fined $3,636.20.

On the third-offense charge, Rowley was sentenced to four months in jail, to be served concurrently with his year-long sentence.

Rowley was charged with another count of drunk driving in August of 2016 for an offense that occurred in July of that year. Rowley has not yet made a plea in that case.