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Board rejects request to use field
MONROE - The Monroe school board unanimously rejected a request by a local group wanting to use the high school football field for "semi-pro" football games at Monday's meeting.

The group is looking to have a "semi-pro" football team in Green County as part of a small league primarily in southern Wisconsin, where players pay to participate and provide their own equipment. They charge a $5 admission for games with an expected attendance of about 50 fans.

They asked the district for permission to use the field for a fee for five home games on Saturdays between May and June, plus potential playoff games.

District Business Manager Ron Olson recommended denying the request due to liability concerns and to protect the field from damage.

"It's tough to keep it in shape for games in the fall," Olson said.

Board member Brian Keith noted the district doesn't allow soccer to be played on the field for the same reason.

"Once you ruin the field, it takes a lot of dollars to fix it," he said, adding that a damaged field can also become a safety issue.

And if anyone from the league is injured while playing on MHS' field, they could sue the district, according to Olson. He said even though the team owner is required to have an insurance policy, "if there's a catastrophic injury, they're going to look for the deepest pockets."

The group is also approaching the New Glarus School District.

Co-team owner and Monroe resident Bobby McGinnis announced in July that the "semi-pro" team will be named the Green County Outlaws, which would be a sister team to the Madison Mad Dawgs.