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Board passes redistricting
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MONROE - The city of Monroe will lose one county board supervisory district under the final Green County redistricting plan approved Tuesday.

The state requires counties to redistrict according to federal census figures. Green County grew by 9.5 percent, or 3,195 people, since the 2000 census. The current population is 36,842. Most of the growth occurred in townships of Exeter, York, Albany and New Glarus, as well as in the village of Belleville. Under the plan, two towns, Exeter and Brooklyn, will gain supervisory districts, increasing from two to three supervisory districts.

District boundaries were drawn with an eye toward keeping districts as equal in population as possible. The median population of districts is 1,188, and under the plan, 20 of the districts are within 5 percent of that median population, either positive or negative.

The remaining 11 districts retain village, town or ward boundaries to make redistricting easier and less expensive for municipalities and elections.

The plan passed unanimously Tuesday. Six supervisors were absent.

The final plan had minimal changes from the initial map introduced to the board in April, Green County Deputy Clerk Wendy Tschudy said. Only a boundary line in the Town of Mount Pleasant needed to be changed because the initial plan used data from the state's redistricting plan that was old.

"We were very lucky we had one little thing to change," said Green County Clerk Mike Doyle, adding that some counties had to start their redistricting plans over.

The new boundaries will take effect at the next election in April, when the next election will be held.