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Best Friends: Suzann Holland

Best Friends

Best Friends is a weekly feature designed to highlight a local resident and his or her pets. To suggest

someone for the series, contact Shari Rampenthal, assistant editor, at

Suzann Holland, director of the Monroe Public Library and vice president of the board of directors for the Monroe Theatre Guild, talks about her best friends - miniature poodles Georgia, 13, and Cricket, 7.

Holland, who moved to Monroe in 2010, got Georgia, her black miniature poodle, when she was a puppy from a breeder while she was living in Iowa. Georgia got her name after Holland heard the Gladys Knight & the Pips song "Midnight Train to Georgia" when she drove home from picking her up for the first time. Holland thought it fit with Georgia's coloring and Holland's mom's southern ancestry.

Cricket, on the other hand, chose to live with Holland and Georgia. Cricket originally belonged to one of Holland's friends. Holland would puppy-sit Cricket and when it was time for the poodle to go home she would hide. Eventually Holland's friend asked her to take Cricket when she was 6 months old, and Holland agreed without hesitation.

- Marissa Weiher

Describe your dogs'


Georgia is like a little therapist. If you were to be upset or cry she'll freak out. You have to keep yourself up around her. She wants everyone to be happy. She's obsessed with macaroni and cheese. She has a tendency to be anxious. She likes to wear clothes and get her nails done. She's kind of a girly girl.

Cricket has the best self-esteem ever. She just assumes everyone loves her and everyone wants to spend time with her. She likes to shake paws. She's very intelligent and learns quickly and is obsessed with food. She watches out the window more often than not.

What do you like

to do together?

We are frequent visitors to Culver's because they give puppy cups (of custard). They have a well-stocked toy box. It's nice since I live close to work I can come home and play with them on my lunch break. Road trips are always a favorite, and we always watch the daily White House briefing together.

What has it been like having them

in your life?

You know, just having a presence when you get home. They make me laugh because they're crazy, and I probably make them laugh because I'm crazy. We entertain each other. I can't imagine a point in my life where I wouldn't need a pet.