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Animal Science Days Awards
Photo supplied Participants in the dairy judging contest make tough decisions while placing classes at Area Animal Science Day held at the Green County Fair Grounds on July 2.
MONROE - Area Animal Science Days was held at the Green County Fair Grounds on Wednesday July 2. Youth from Columbia, Dodge, Dane, Iowa, Green, Lafayette, Jefferson, Rock, Sauk, Walworth, and Waukesha counties attended. 4-H youth had the opportunity to participate in project areas such as meats, livestock, goats and dairy judging, a photography and poster contest, as well as goat, poultry, rabbit, dog, cat, and horse demonstrations. Green county youth excelled in several different categories.

Junior Dairy Judging>

• Top Ten Individuals: Joel Dieckhoff, fourth; Brooks Hendrickson, 10th

• Fifth place Team: Joel Dieckhoff, Brooks Hendrickson, Bryce Zettle, Trevor Gilson, Shellie Zweifel, Danielle Dieckhoff, Kelsey Cramer, Evan Dorn

• Ninth place Team: Molly Minder Rachel Gilson, Ryan Smith, Travis Gilson, Austin Minder, Mitchell Millner, Zakkary Roesslein, Haley Reeson

Senior Dairy Judging>

• Fifth place Team: Morgan Behnke, Chelsy Gilson, John Klossner, Tyler Dorn, Bryan Cramer, Nicole Smith, Tess Zettle, Tyrone Zimmerman

Senior Livestock>

• Top Ten Individuals: Devan Brugger, seventh

• Fourth place Team: Devan Brugger, Christina Richardson, Daren Wittmann,

Junior Livestock>

• Top Ten Individuals: Ellen Kiser, second

• Third place Team: Ellen Kiser, Allison Hawthorne, Trevor Gorr, Troy Gorr, Claire Hawthorne, Rustin Alton, Traiten Gorr, Danielle Schneider, Ryan Alton, Jacen Wilinski

Senior Meats>

• Top Ten Individuals: Devan Brugger, second; Christina Richardson, seventh

• Other Participants: Daren Wittmann

Junior Meats>

• Top Ten Individuals: Ellen Kiser, first; Troy Gorr, fourth; Trevor Gorr, fifth

• Other Participants: Danielle Schneider, Rustin Alton, Allison Hawthorne, Claire Hawthorne, Traiten Gorr, Jacen Wilinski, and Ryan Alton

Junior Horse Judging>

• Top Ten Individuals: Cassie Benner, third place; Whitney Disch, third place; Amy Alwill, fourth place; Maggie Douglas, fourth place; Rebecca Barr, sixth place; Alyssa Bailey, ninth place

Senior Horse Judging>

• Meg Butenhoff, second place; Eleanor Nesimoglu, third place

Goat Judging>

• Alicia Gordee, first place

Horse Project Poster>

• Whitney Disch, first place; Maddie Douglas, second place; Evelyn Whiteman, sixth place

Horse Photography (still)>

• Evelyn Whiteman, second place; Sam Barr, fourth place

Horse Photography (action)>

• Alyssa Bailey, first place

Horse Art>

• Sam Barr, second place; Abby Bethke, third place

Horse Drawing>

• Sam Barr, first place; Andie Jorgenson, second place

Other Species - Drawing>

• Andie Jorgenson, first place; Ben Swedlund, second place

Dairy Promotion Poster>

• Whitney Disch, second place; Rebecca Barr, fourth place; Josie Eberle, fifth place

Dog Poster>

• Whitney Disch, first place

Sheep Poster>

• Mitchell Wilson, first place

Goat Poster>

• Whitney Disch, first place

Other Species- Poster, Junior>

• Whitney Disch, third place; Sam Barr, fourth place


• Senior: Meg Butenoff, second place

• Intermediate: Alyssa Bailey, fifth place

• Beginners: Maggie Douglas, fourth place; Rebecca Barr, fourth place

For more information go online to and click on "Area Animal Science Days" or contact Alissa Grenawalt, Green County UW-Extension 4-H and Youth Development Agent at (608) 328-9440.