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Aldermen not sure their terms should be longer
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MONROE - Some Monroe aldermen expressed reservations Tuesday about a proposal to extend council terms from two years to three.

The odd number on the length of terms would upset the process of having half of the council up for re-election every year, Alderman Paul Hannes said during Tuesday's Monroe City Council meeting.

"The way we've been doing, ever since Monroe has been incorporated, it's probably been done this way, and it works well. I think we should stick to the present system," Hannes said.

Alderman Dan Henke also spoke in favor of council terms remaining at two years, even though he agreed the job takes three to four years to get well adjusted. Schuringa and Ingwell agreed with him.

"We don't have enough people running now on two-year terms," Henke said. "But if you want to go another two years, you run again."

Alderman Mark Coplien suggested the longer terms, as well as filling the vacant city administrator position, during the Dec. 6 council meeting. He said he only brought up the idea of extending terms because the idea had been brought to him.

"Four years is a bit much, I agree," he said. He felt three years would be better, if it were acceptable to the whole council.

"As a business person, a three-year term makes it an easier step," although, getting the required signatures to run was not a huge problem for him, he said.

"I'm happy with two years. (The three-year suggestion) was, once again, looking for continuity."

Both issues, of term lengths and hiring an administrator, need to be discussed in and recommended by committees before coming before the Council for final determinations.