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Albany students compete in math contest
Photos supplied TOP: Fourth- and fifth-graders who competed in the Math 24 competition were, kneeling from left, Caleb Smith, Blake Finley and Allison Rhyner. Standing are Cody Pryce, Aiden Brewer, Brayden Bakken, Cooper Swihart, Ava Ahnen and Maiya OBel. ABOVE: Sixth-graders who competed were Peyton Pendergrass, Linsey Mueller and Ethan Koss.
ALBANY - Early in March, the fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade Math 24 teams of Albany School competed in the South Region Competition at Union South in Madison. They competed against teams from Belleville, Evansville, New Glarus, Parkview and Stoughton.

Math 24 is a fast-paced mathematics program that is designed to build strong mental mathematics and problem-solving skills. The challenge is to create equations that total 24 by using all numbers on each card and any combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. Fourth grade uses the double digit cards, fifth grade uses variable cards and sixth grade uses positive/negative integers. Students take part in four rounds in which they can earn first, second or third place during each round. How each student does for the first three rounds decides what table and who the student will compete against in the fourth round. After all four rounds, awards are given to students in places first through sixth. One student in each school group also is awarded the highest score for their school.

Blake Finley had the most points for Albany fourth-graders. Ava Ahnen placed second and had the highest points for the Albany fifth-graders. Linsey Mueller placed fifth and had the most points for Albany sixth-graders.

The fourth-grade team consisted of Finley, Cody Pryce and Caleb Smith. This year, fifth grade had two teams compete, consisting of Ahnen, Brayden Bakken, Aiden Brewer, Maiya O'Bel, Allison Rhyner and Cooper Swihart.

The sixth-grade team consisted of Ethan Koss, Mueller and Peyton Pendergrass.