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Albany school ups tax rate by 18 cents
MONROE - The Albany school district will increase its tax rate 18 cents to $12.10 per $1,000 of property value next year, up from $11.92 last year. The district passed the budget at its annual meeting Monday, Sept. 9.

The new estimated rate banks on an anticipated $1.1 million of additional property value in the school district, to reach a total of $217 million.

The new rate will mean the owner of a $100,000 house will pay $1,210 in school taxes next year - $18 more than this year. The owner of $250,000 of property will pay $3,025, or $45 more.

The school district is raising $2.63 million of property tax revenue, up $55,400, or 2.15 percent, compared to the 2012-13 budget.

Of that levy amount, general funding needs $1.7 million, and debt service needs $400,000. The referendum uses $520,000.

General state aid to the district is estimated to be about $2.3 million, up $26,900 from last year. Categorical aid, targeted to particular programs, decreased by $21,800, to end with $22,000 compared to last year. Categorical aid in 2011-12 was $19,700. DPI special project grants add another $116,600.

Overall, revenues are down $209,000.

The expenditures include $5.15 million for general educational funding.

Compared to last year, the 2013-2014 general fund was cut by 3.3 percent or $175,800, most of which comes out of services for instructional staff, down $146,000 from last year. Services for the instructional staff, at $222,200, are still higher than 2011-12, when it was $155,100.

Regular curriculum costs are down by 4.4 percent, or $54,200. Debt service costs also fell by $15,900.

General administration, school building administration and pupil services accounts combined were lifted by $43,400.

The building fund was paid off last year, leaving the new budget with no expense in that area and an extra $71,300 compared to the budget last year.

Other funds balances were changed little.