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Aerial answers: Local company zooms in on environment from above
Applied Ecological Services Jason Carlson, far left, contracted pilots Betty Abraham, center, and Lowell Taylor help pull AES aircraft back to its hanger during a training day on the company's multi-spectral aerial camera inside the aircraft at the Monroe Municipal Airport last week. The high-resolution multi-spectral images, with bands for red, green, blue and infrared light, allow for very precise characterizations of on-the-ground conditions for restoration and land-management projects. For example, the imagery can detect if a tree is stressed due to Gypsy moths or Emerald ash borer. (Times photos: Anthony Wahl)
MONROE - It's a chilly day and a fog has settled over the Monroe Municipal Airport. "We are going to have to wait until that fog burns off. Welcome to spring," said Jason Carlson, environmental specialist at Applied Ecological Services Inc. in Brodhead.