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8 teachers awarded in recognition program's 2nd year
Eight teachers from the Monroe school district were honored and awarded with a total of $20,000 through the Colony Brands Foundation Teacher Recognition Program at a school board meeting Monday. From left, John Baumann, Colony Brands president and CEO, announced awards for Sherri Hendrickson, Susan Anderson, Briana Cleary, Jennifer Moehn, Kathy King, Dan Saunders, Ryan Thompson and Erica Zentner. Katherine Frey, of the Colony Brands Foundation Board, and Ryan Kubly, Colony Brands Foundation president, were also in attendance to help announce the awards. (Photo supplied)
MONROE - Eight teachers from the School District of Monroe were honored and awarded with a total of $20,000 through the Colony Brands Foundation Teacher Recognition Program Monday at a school board meeting.

This is the second year for the program, which was announced by the Colony Brands Foundation in 2016. One of the goals is to help retain high quality teachers in the district.

"I know from growing up in Monroe and being a product of the Monroe school system how important it is to have a strong board, teachers and students," John Baumann, Colony Brands president and CEO, told the group. "We want to be really involved in our community. You are really the leaders we look forward to in the community."

The teachers who received awards through the teacher recognition program include the following:

• Dan Saunders, $2,000, Monroe High School

• Susan Anderson, $2,000, Monroe High School

• Ryan Thompson, $2,000, Monroe Middle School

• Erica Zentner, $2,000, Northside Elementary School

• Kathy King, $2,000, Monroe High School

• Briana Cleary, $3,000, Northside Elementary School

• Jennifer Moehn, $3,000, Monroe High School

• Sherri Hendrickson, $4,000, Monroe High School

The company committed to a five-year pilot of the program and up to $20,000 in awards each year. The teacher recognition program was developed after the foundation and district worked on a four-year partnership involving a $400,000 technology initiative funded by the foundation.

Nominations for the awards were accepted from the public, and teachers could also apply for the award. The application requested information on the teacher's leadership characteristics, significant educational achievements in the area of student growth and leadership and other roles both for the school district and community, among other things, according to a press release from the Colony Brands Foundation Inc.