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Phillipson: Balanced and even-keeled
faun phillipson
Faun Marie Phillipson

By Faun Marie Phillipson

A skilled lawyer sees opportunity in adversity, and last week’s adversity on the campaign trail created the opportunity to demonstrate that I possess one of the most important qualities a judge can have: a balanced and even-keeled judicial demeanor. 

In the final days before the primary election, let’s take a close look at the actual facts: I have the experience, impartiality and work ethic you want in your next Green County Circuit Court Judge.

Experience. I am willing to match my courtroom experience to any other candidate’s. Discovery, depositions, pre-trial motions, dispositive motions (i.e., a motion to get rid of a case, either by a motion to dismiss or summary judgment), evidentiary hearings, injunction hearings, settlement conferences, mediation, arbitration and trial. While this might not mean much to the regular citizen, any lawyer knows that these are of the utmost importance. I’ve done these things in many courtrooms, in many courthouses, before many different judges.

Impartial. I was attacked for my supposed lack of involvement in local Monroe cases. That is a strength — not a weakness — because I bring a fresh perspective and an open mind. It evidences the fact that I am impartial. I have a professional and ethical obligation to the people of Green County to ensure that their courtroom is a place without political, economic or any other bias.

With just one week left before the Feb. 16 primary election for the next Green County Circuit Court Branch One judge, each candidate was given one final opportunity to present their case to the community.

Hard Work. I am not afraid of early mornings, long days and late hours in the office. I am no stranger to hard work; in fact, I welcome it. My mom drove me to the Courthouse on the Square when I was 13 years old to get my work permit, and I’ve been working ever since: from Roberts’ Drug Store to the Litigation Bureau of the New York State Attorney General’s Office, culminating in starting my own law firm sixteen years ago. 

You can tell a lot about a judicial candidate from the way they run their judicial campaign. I have done the hard work, I have gone to more than 3,000 doors of people all over Green County — because I want you to know that your vote counts. I have stayed out of the political fray.  I have actual experience handling a variety of cases from beginning to end. 

I have what it takes to be an excellent judge. 

I ask that you consider me — Faun Marie Phillipson — when you mark your ballots.