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League of Women Voters publishes voter guide ahead of primary

MADISON — The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) published its voter guide on to provide voters with much needed, personalized election information ahead of the primary election on Feb. 16. 

Wisconsin voters can easily navigate the voting process by using VOTE411, a comprehensive guide for election-related information. The resource provides unbiased candidate information for state and local offices, as well as other helpful information, including how to request an absentee ballot. With limited opportunities to learn about the candidates in person due to the ongoing pandemic, online voter guides like VOTE411 are especially important for voters making their plans to vote during this public health and economic crisis.

“In the spring elections, voters will be making important decisions about the future of our courts, schools and leadership in our local communities, and they need convenient and accessible tools to make decisions about the candidates running to represent them,” said Eileen Newcomer, LWVWI voter education manager. “That is why we are committed to providing voters with election information for all races and questions on the ballot.”

The spring primary will be held on Feb. 16. On the ballot are candidates for the state superintendent of public instruction, court of appeals judges in Districts I, II and III, circuit court judges and other nonpartisan local races. The special primary elections for State Assembly District 89 and State Senate District 13 will also be covered in our guide.

The information on VOTE411 will soon be available in Spanish, as was done for the 2020 Nov. general election. 

“We know our democracy works best when we can all participate, and providing essential election information in Spanish is one way we are committed to empowering as many voters as possible” Newcomer said.

Wisconsin voters can access information about the upcoming election at