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Bucher: Experienced in Green County’s courtrooms
Jane Bucher
Jane Bucher

By Jane Bucher

This week is one of Wisconsin’s coldest, but it has been a warm one on the campaign trail. 

After an unfortunate, untrue, and unfair guest column by Craig Nolen ran in The Monroe Times, attacking me and two of the other candidates, the outpouring of support has been heartening. Hundreds of people have reached out, many to say they have my back and I have their vote. My response to Nolen’s broadside on my campaign Facebook Page (@janeforjudge) went viral. I’ve heard from self-described “dyed in the wool Republicans” saying I have earned their vote because I will bring the breath of fresh air Green County courts need.

This campaign is about which candidate is best prepared to make Green County safer and stronger by building on what is working in our courts and working together to improve where we can. 

That is what I have done and that is what I will do. The other candidates in this race have chosen different career paths in the law. With all due respect, the work I have done is most relevant to being a judge. I have handled more cases (2,300 and counting) in circuit courts than all of them combined. I have, by orders of magnitude, handled more criminal cases — homicide, robbery, sexual assault — than any of the other candidates. I have experience in the legal system from multiple perspectives. I am the only candidate who is in local courtrooms every day. That is the best preparation for this judgeship.

With just one week left before the Feb. 16 primary election for the next Green County Circuit Court Branch One judge, each candidate was given one final opportunity to present their case to the community.

I am the only candidate who helped create Green County’s Drug Treatment Court. That demonstrates my ability to work with all stakeholders, to make positive change happen. Drug treatment courts reduce crime, save lives, and save taxpayer dollars. 

I have earned the public support of more than 250 current and former judges, attorneys, and community leaders including former Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, attorney and former first daughter of Wisconsin Kelli Thompson, Judge Sarah O’Brien, and Judge JoAnne Kloppenburg.

When all is said and done, voters in Green County will decide who the next judge will be. Judgeships are not handed down from the current judge or district attorney to his chosen candidate. I have shown my commitment to making tough decisions and ensuring the law is applied fairly. I have demonstrated my ability to work collaboratively to improve our courts. I ask for your vote on February 16.