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Breaking Election Results: Bucher, Phillipson, Underly advance
I voted sticker
An "I voted" sticker received at polls after a person casts a vote.

MONROE—Just hours after the polls closed Feb. 16, Jane Bucher and Faun Marie Phillipson were projected the winners of the Green County Circuit Court Branch 2 primary.

Bucher received 1,962 votes (41%). Phillipson followed with 1,086 votes (22%) and Peter Kelly trailed by only 33 votes with 1,053 (22%). Daniel Bartholf received 731 votes (15%).

Also on the ballot was the State Superintendent Primary. 

Jill Underly and Deborah Kerr led the polls at 95% reporting with 86,336 votes and 83,497 votes, respectively. Sheila Briggs trailed by over 30,000 votes and Shandowlyon Hendricks-Williams, Troy Gunderson, Steve Krull and Joe Fenrick followed with 11%, 8%, 6% and 4%.