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Monroe schools to open 2021 in Plan B
Monroe High School
Monroe High School

In an email to parents, guardians and staff Dec. 21, Monroe District Administrator Rick Waski said that the school district would attempt to start in Plan B to open 2021 after the holidays. 

The district had seen the number of  COVID-19 cases and quarantines drop steadily from the beginning of December to the end of the month. As of Dec. 23, there were 72 staff and students in quarantine, with 15 total positive cases.

“Green County’s number of active cases has fluctuated within a range between 119 and 185 cases and the trend has been decreasing since the beginning of the month,” Waski wrote. “We have not seen a post-Thanksgiving surge like we were warned of, and we are taking that into account as we look to our operational status beginning in 2021.”

A final evaluation of the local numbers will take place Dec. 31 in case community numbers change drastically. 

Waski wrote in the email that is it still the administration’s hope to remain in face-to-face or hybrid instruction through the end of the school year, but he did say it was possible to shift to Plan C (all-virtual learning) should a local outbreak occur or staffing runs short.

At the Dec. 14 Board of Education Meeting, there was a discussion to bring all elementary students not in Plan H (parent-selected virtual learning) to full-time face-to-face learning Feb. 1.

“The board will be receiving more information on this plan over the next few weeks and they are scheduled to take action on revising our operational plan to allow for this change at the elementary level at the January 11 board meeting,” Waski wrote. “There is currently no plan to do the same thing at the middle and high school levels but the administration may be bringing such a plan forward once we have more information after returning to face-to-face instruction district-wide (all students not including Plan H) or we reach Low or Medium activity level county-wide.”

●  Week of Jan. 4: Plan B (Group 2 in person, Group 1 virtual)

●  Week of Jan. 11: Plan B (Group 1 in person, Group 2 virtual)