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Monroe BOE discusses Plan B+
Monroe High School
Monroe High School

MONROE — With all district elementary schools in plan B+, the School District of Monroe Board of Education discussed Feb. 8 the possibility of increasing in-person attendance throughout the entire district. 

Both the middle and high schools have worked to increase the number of students in the building, inviting in students who may be particularly struggling with the hybrid model of education.

Monroe High School Principal and Vice Principal Chris Medenwaldt and Jeremy Jackson noted the importance of getting some students in the building, whether it improves their academic performance or not.

“Sometimes we know students just need to be back, they need to be back, they need to be around people, they need the structure in their life and they need to be around adults more consistently,” Medenwaldt said. 

As of Feb. 10, there were 38 students across all five schools in quarantine, with five positive COVID-19 cases. The district had three staff members with positive tests, and another three in quarantine. 

The board did not discuss any specific date or plans for sending more students to in-person learning.