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DPD receives $9k COVID-19 grant

DARLINGTON — The City of Darlington Police Department recently received word from the Wisconsin Department of Justice it would receive $9,302 in funding to combat the spread of coronavirus within the agency. According to Darlington Police Chief Jason King, the grant will fund personal protective equipment for officers, computer equipment, sterilizing equipment, an ultraviolet filtration system for the office, and coronavirus rapid test kits.   

Darlington Police Officers have handled over 2,300 cases thus far in 2020 despite the risk presented by the spread of coronavirus in the community. In addition, officers help staff the ambulance, further increasing their risk of contracting the illness.  

“Police Officers knowingly accept risk every day they go to work,” said King, adding that “2020 has been especially difficult as officers face an entirely new type of risk. We are pleased to know these funds are headed to Darlington for the purpose of keeping our officers, and those they come into contact with, safer.”

To date, two Darlington Police officers with the department have contracted the virus. Chief King applied for the grant in November and plans to have the new supplies and equipment deployed in coming weeks.