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Election 2020 Profile: Tim Wolff
Tim Wolff
Tim Wolff

Tim Wolff

Position sought: School Board – Monroe School District

Age: 49

City/town of residence: Monroe/Monroe Township

Family: Kristen (Wife); Brayden (Son – Age 9); Addison (Daughter – Age 7)

Education: Black Hawk High School; University of Wisconsin-Platteville – BS Industrial Technology Management - Safety/MS Industrial Technology Management

Occupation: Vice President of Human Resources – Colony Brands

Previous elected positions held: Interim Position – School Board

The April ballot will show four available spots for School District of Monroe board members; three spots will serve three-year terms and one spot will serve one-year term. The one year term will fill the seat that was vacated by Amy Bazley, and is presently held by Tim Wolff. The three highest vote recipients will serve in the three-year terms and the fourth-highest vote will recipient will serve a one-year term. Incumbents on the ballot will be Nicole Matley, Cheryl McGuire, Jim Plourde and Wolff. Other candidates who filed to be on the ballot are Jeffrey Prophett and Jordan Nordby.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

As a District, our focus needs to be on providing the best educational experience for our students and exceeding expectations on our state report cards. The landscape is changing rapidly in education. Our students will rely more on technology, increased collaboration, enhanced curriculum, alternative teaching methods, etc. Keeping up with this will require our district to accelerate the development of new learning opportunities.  These items would be my top priority for the district.

As we look at our facilities, we need to develop a comprehensive strategy to address our aging schools. Facilities alone will not improve the education our children receive.  With that said, the future educational methods will require more collaboration, small group sharing, sharing of resources, etc. After traveling to other districts, I think we have an important decision to make related to the learning environment we provide our students. I look forward to helping the district with this important decision.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

I currently have two elementary students with very different educational needs. I am amazed at the level of involvement from the teachers and administration when students need extra support. This individualized support has helped my child achieve great results. I would continue to support early interventions and programs that support students with different educational needs. Our District’s vision outlines that we are “Preparing for the future, One Child at a Time”. This approach makes a difference. 

In addition, we will need more collaboration with our business community to help prepare our students. Our local businesses can help identify the needs of our future workforce. I believe our local businesses are eager to help with resources, time, and increased opportunities for students. As a board member, I would strongly support these programs.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I believe my diverse personal and professional experience would be an asset for the board. I have been lucky enough to serve on the board these last several months in an interim position. I have been able to learn about the challenges the district faces. My philosophy has always been to look at challenges as new opportunities. I think this approach would be beneficial for the board. 

I have a tremendous amount of respect for our teachers, administrators, support staff, and board members. We have very talented team educating our children. If I was lucky enough to be elected, I would work with them to make our District stronger and strive for excellence.