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Best Friends: Marissa Weiher
Get to know Marissa Weiher and her ferocious feline
bf final marissa
Marissa Weiher and Hattus - photo by Marissa Weiher

Times Photographer Marissa Weiher is this week’s final Best Friends feature as she prepares to leave the Times for a home further north. She talks about her best friend Hattus, a 4-year-old bundle of gray fur. 

Weiher moved to Monroe just over four years ago, from Missouri, to begin her career with the Times. She didn’t know anyone. So, she did what any respectable spinster would do and went to the Green County Humane Society in search of a cat. 

There, she met Hattus, who wouldn’t leave her alone.

“I thought she was so charming and sweet,” Weiher said. “But man, if only I had known then what I know now.”

The two have spent the last four years trapped in an apartment together.

This job has been lovely. I’ve met some of the best people who do the coolest things — but playing with people’s pets has been the greatest. Thank you to everyone who has let me in your homes and yards to play with your cherished animals. It’s amazing how quickly bonds can form with people over their beloved pets. 

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Describe Hattus’ personality. 

(Eye roll) She’s terrible, truly terrible. She’s the most narcissistic being I have ever known — and let me tell you, that’s saying something. Sometimes I feel like our relationship resembles that of Cinderella and her stepmother — only, at least Cinderella eventually moves out and never has to clean for anyone again. I have to clean Hattus’ barf off the carpet weekly, if not more.

Hattus is always there. Privacy is no longer familiar to me. If I want to take a nap — she’s on my neck. If I want to want to use the bathroom — she’ll either push open the door or sit on the other side and yell at me until I get out. 

Sometimes I think she loves me — but then I give her food and realize her kindness is just an act.

She likes visitors, but only if they tell her how pretty she is. 

What do you and Hattus like to do together? 

We mostly fight over the TV. I like alternating between Netflix and Hulu. She enjoys alternating between squirrel and bird videos on YouTube. For a while, I would let her watch videos on my phone so I could take a power nap, but she ended up getting addicted like all of the youth these days. There was an intervention. She’s come a long way.

Some of her favorite pastimes include: Chasing away demonic forces around 1 or 2 a.m., trying to finally catch the laser light/her tail, sitting in her window pod and judging all who pass by and kneading my chest exactly two minutes after I’ve fallen asleep. She also has a weird fascination with Anne Hathaway. Any time she’s on the screen she jumps up on the entertainment center and presses her nose to the TV. 

What has it been like having Hattus in your life?

I’ve never had a tapeworm, but maybe something like that? I suppose she’s added a little color to the last four years of my life. I’m still mad at her for tearing up the couches I thrifted, but I suppose I’ll hold off on returning her for now.

We’re both looking forward to moving to Madison where she can wreak havoc in my life in a slightly larger apartment.