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Best Friends: Kayla Koch
Get to know Kayla Koch and her goofy gal

Kayla Koch, an employee of Surge Store, talks about her best friend Ellie, a 1-year-old labradoodle. 

Koch told herself she wasn’t going to get another dog after her previous dog was hit by a car, but eventually found Ellie on a Craigslist ad. 

“You cannot not have a dog,” Koch said. 

Ellie lacks the instincts of a farm dog because she’s afraid of the equipment. Instead, she tags along with Koch when she goes to work every day.

Best Friends is a weekly feature designed to highlight a local resident and his or her pets. To suggest someone for the series, contact Marissa Weiher, photographer, at

Describe Ellie’s personality. 

She’s unique. She’s pretty much human; if only she could talk. She likes to sit in chairs. My boss always says in the office “Move your feet, lose your seat” because she’ll steal your spot. She’s just goofy. 

What do you and Ellie like to do together?

She sleeps. She likes to play ball or instead of build-a-bear she likes to play un-build-a-bear. We have another dog, Lizzy, who plays with her hardcore. We like to go for walks and do “doodle things.” She gets lost very easily. 

What has it been like having Ellie in your life?

It’s been full. She’s pretty high maintenance. She puts a smile on my face no matter what. Even the way she lays on her back with her feet in the air makes me laugh. She’s definitely goofy. The stuff she does is just so funny. She’s almost too smart. She knows everything that’s coming. She’s never had to be disciplined.