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Best Friends: Al Wasserstass, Abbie Zimmerman & Henley
Get to know Al Wasserstrass, Abbie Zimmerman and their anxious ally
BF Al Wasserstrass
Al Wasserstrass, Abbie Zimmerman and Henley - photo by Marissa Weiher

Al Wasserstrass and Abbie Zimmerman, Monroe, talk about their best friend Henley, a 5-year-old lab-pit mix. 

The couple agreed to dog sit Henley for a friend, who eventually asked if they would be able to home her permanently. Henley wasn’t a fan of Wasserstrass for the first two months but eventually warmed up to him. Now, Wasserstrass describes Henley as a “daddy’s girl.”

Best Friends is a weekly feature designed to highlight a local resident and his or her pets. To suggest someone for the series, contact Marissa Weiher, photographer, at

Describe Henley’s personality.

She sleeps 16 hours a day. The rest of the day, she loves chasing rabbits and squirrels. She thinks she’s a lap dog but she’s really not. She’s fairly timid. 

What do you and Henley like to do together?

She does have anxiety, so when I (Wasserstrass) 

started at Triangle Truck Center we were a little nervous leaving her at home alone. So now, I take her to work every day. She’s the Triangle Truck mascot. She’s the shop dog. Everyone pets her and gives her treats. She’s very spoiled. 

What has it been like having Henley in your life?

It’s been great and fulfilling. She can be a handful at times, but she’s definitely filled a spot in our hearts.