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Back in the Day: Identification, thanks internet search

My column about the Worick family reunion held here in Monroe in August 1912 was printed April 3, 2021. It gave the names of several members of the family who attended and some background information about them including where they came from. 

Imagine my surprise when I answered my phone in the morning of August 26 this year to hear a man say, “This is Chris Worick of Dahlonega, Georgia. I saw your article about the Worick reunion and had recently received a photo from a cousin of the people at that reunion with identifications.”

He explained that after he received the photo, he searched the internet for the family name and found the Back in the Day column. He had not known that the family ever gathered from so many places. 

In the back row are Esial Freeze (a friend), Ada Worick Ross, Samuel Rowe Worick, Margaret Worick Beach, and Mr. Beach. Seated in the middle row are Mrs. Freeze, Ollie Worick, George Worick, John F. Worick, Jeremiah Worick, and Mary Jane Worick Sanders. In the bottom row are Earl C. Worick, Ava Worick, George Worick (son of the George in the middle row), Alice Worick, and Willis Worick.

In all of the newspaper articles, they never gave Mrs. Beach’s first name, but it is given on the identification of the photo. Mr. Freeze had lived with Abraham’s family in 1870.

— Matt Figi is a Monroe resident and a local historian. His column will appear periodically on Saturdays in the Times. He can be reached at or at 608-325-6503.