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Students vote for Obama
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MONROE - Voting turnout in Ward 7 of the Monroe Middle School was heavy as students who chose to exercise the right to vote cast their ballots under the direction of administrative and teacher poll watchers.

Not only were they voting for President and State Assembly, but they were also challenged to vote on a mock Advisory Referendum.

"The School District of Monroe is committed to creating an environment that treats all students with respect and dignity. The purpose is to enhance an environment that makes all students feel equal, no matter what their lifestyle dictates. Therefore, we propose a student dress code that allows students to be part of a building that focuses on a standard learning environment, rather than the way one dresses. This can be most easily done through the wearing of a designated school uniform."

Voters were required to "register" by providing a proof of identification and were recorded on the electorate roll.

When all votes were in and counted, the results were:

President: Barack Obama 360; John McCain 132

State Assembly: Brett Davis 357; John Waelti 99

Designated School Uniform: YES - 78; NO - 413