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Schultz seeks public input
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MADISON - Senator Schultz wants to hear from readers on key issues he will be voting on when state legislature's 2009 session begins in a few weeks.

Readers can share their views on taxes, education funding, the state budget deficit, health care and more, by answering short survey questions at Schultz's Web site,

"The online questions are quick and convenient to answer," said Schultz (R-Richland Center). "I value survey answers and comments. They supplement what I hear at local meetings and contacts to my office."

Schultz said the online survey has eight questions on state issues, and participants can write comments along with their answers. Survey questions include: Which tax is most burdensome on your family or business?; What will help relieve the financial pressures facing school districts?; and, Which items below do you believe are desirable long-term policies to improve health care costs, quality and access?

For those without web access, the survey can be obtained by calling Schultz's capitol office (800) 978-8008. Schultz welcomes comments by e-mail at Sen.Schultz@