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School Menus: April 16, 2009
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Albany• Monday - Chicken fajitas, refried beans, salsa, pineapple, milk• Tuesday - Beef stew or corn dogs, peas, mandarin oranges, milk• Wednesday - Tater tot casserole or ham sandwich, green beans, Angel food cake, milk• Thursday - Chicken patty, mashed potatoes, California blend, peaches, milk• Friday - Tuna sandwich or ravioli, glazed carrots, apple slices, milkBlack Hawk• Monday - Mini corn dog, vegetables, fruit• Tuesday - Chicken nuggets, vegetables, fruit• Wednesday - Hamburger, French fries, fruit• Thursday - Taco, corn, fruit• Friday - Ham or turkey slice, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruitArgyle• Monday - Chicken patty, French fries, milk• Tuesday - Soft shell tacos, refried beans, milk• Wednesday - Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes, bread, milk, dessert bar• Thursday - Creamed chicken over biscuit, milk• Friday - Hamburger on bun, French fries, milk Darlington• Monday - Soft taco (beef and cheese with works) and lettuce salad; K-6 corn puppies; 7-12 corn dogs; potato rounds, fresh fruit, bread, milk • Tuesday - Popcorn chicken or chicken fajita or pizzaburger, chive fries, fruit choice, bread, milk• Wednesday - Sausage or pepperoni or cheese pizza, lettuce salad or PBJ or Cheddarwurst on bun, wedgecuts, fruit choice, milk• Thursday - Scalloped potatoes and ham, vegetable medley or corn puppies, potato rounds, fruit choice, bread, milk or 7-12 and staff, Oriental chicken salad• Friday - Sub choice- combo, turkey, bologna, tuna, PBJ or chicken salad, relishes and dip, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, baked chips, fresh fruit, milkMonticello• Monday - Toasted ham and cheese, homemade soup, crackers• Tuesday - Chicken and cheese quesadilla, salsa and sour cream, Mexican rice, refried beans• Wednesday - Swedish meatballs, rotini pasta, mixed vegetables, slice of bread• Thursday - Mexican pizza, Southwestern salad, birthday cake• Friday - Stromboli, lettuce salad, fresh radishes Shullsburg• Monday - Hot dogs and brats, baked beans, lettuce, cheese, apple crisp, milk• Tuesday - Chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, fruit cups, bread, milk• Wednesday - Spaghetti, lettuce, salad bar, cheese, fruit cups, bread sticks, milk• Thursday - Chef's salad, ham, tuna or taco meat, cheese, fresh fruit, brownies, milk• Friday - Hamburgers, green beans or salad bar, cheese, fruit cups, cookies, milk