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School District of Juda holds Day of Mentoring
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JUDA - The School District of Juda held a Day of Mentoring to welcome new staff on Aug. 19.

The ongoing mentoring program was established to help encourage the research-based norms and practices used by teachers. The mentoring program also allows a level of comfort for new staff members in the institutional system, their personal classroom, with their peers, parents and students.

"We have a vested interest in seeing that they feel welcomed, equipped and confident entering their career at the Juda school district," said Jackie Klar, mentoring co-coordinator. "The mentoring program at Juda school is research-based and is designed to allow our new staff the resources they need to feel supported and successful. Combined with their talents, I think we have a great year to look forward to."

New staff include Sinem Bertling, guidance; Jessica Sedgwick, middle school; Julene Elmer, special education; Ashlee Cerjak, physical education/health; Theresa Wyss, speech and language; Kurtis Mansfield, physical education; and Traci Davis, superintendent/principal.