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Painter Pamela Hiatt on exhibit at MAC
Explosion – Living the Dream by Pamela Hiatt. For more information visit or call 608.325.5700

MONROE — The artwork of painter Pamela Hiatt, will be on exhibit in the SSM Health Galleries from Aug. 18 through Nov. 17. 

This award-winning artist describes herself as a daughter, wife, mom, and grandma. However, she shares that she did not find her true self until she became an artist. Born and raised in Dubuque, Hiatt worked as a mail carrier for 33 years and retired in 2013. Shortly after, she attended a painting class, at her local art museum. After taking this class she found her new passion in life. Over the years, she attended workshops, online classes, and completed a Mastermind Mentorship Program that helped her clarify her goals as an artist. 

Today, Hiatt is proud to share that her work has been hung in the Carnegie Stout Public Library, The Art Factory, Adler Theater, Weyland Gallery, Bisignana Art Gallery, Galena Center for The Arts, Art Domestique Gallery, Sanford Museum (solo show), Smokestack Art Gallery, Riverview Hope and Healing Gallery, and was part of the Iowa Artists Traveling Art Show.

Hiatt best describes her passion for art as, “a feeling akin to meditation; a comfort, peace.” These are feelings viewers share as they witness her pieces. Hiatt’s Living the Dream represents the simple beauties in life that we so easily take for granted. The Monroe Arts Center invites the public to step inside Pamela Hiatt’s world of wonder and beauty.

For more information, visit or call 608.325.5700. Visitors are welcome inside the clinic at this time.

Gallery Exhibits have been supported by MAC Corporate Underwriter Colony Brands, Inc. and Season Media Underwriter Big Radio, with additional support from Dave and Julie Buchanan, Pete Guenther and Barb Woodriff, Lee and Chris Knuteson, Mike and Norah Sanders, Kevin and Chris Callahan, Jane Paradowski, Deb Thompson, Chuck and Chris Wellington, and Don Amphlett and Jan Johnson.