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Math team takes top honors for fourth year
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JUDA - The Juda math team recently won the Division 4 Tri-State Champion Trophy for the fourth straight year.

More than 600 students from 49 high schools in southwestern Wisconsin, eastern Iowa, and northwestern Illinois participated in the contest. Juda had 44 students compete across four teams.

Team members included Morgan Adkins, Morganne Goecks, Jessica Jordan, Tabitha Davis, Brianna Knudtson, Susan Bender, Molly Salzwedel, Celina Trotter, Katlyn Steinmann, Ali Byrne, Katlyn Rhyner, Jessica Rackow, Molly Marass, Gavin Whitney, Cami Klar, Savanna Daniels, Scott Anderson, Brittany Moe, Patrick McKay, Vince Waelti, Eli Schumacher, Brandon Lengel, Tyler Davis, Coty Knudtson, Matt Trotter, Jason Roth, Katlyn Hanson, Carmen Hale, Emma Thompson, Dan Mahlkuch, Reave Lincoln, Joel Dieckhoff, Ryan Schmidt and Luke Jordan.

"We have a great group of students, 44 of them, who work hard at math and put their best effort into the competition," said Scott Anderson, Juda's high school math teacher. "This is a huge accomplishment for our math team. They all did great. It is simply mind boggling how they work and compete. Winning a large meet is really hard."

The meet consisted of an individual portion and then a team portion. There were four Juda students placed on the All-Academic Team, including Tyler Davis, Coty Knudtson, Carmen Hale and Katlyn Steinmann.

More information is available by calling Scott Anderson at (608) 934 5251 or visiting